Upgrade your spring training kit with our March 2022 top fitness picks

Upgrade your spring training kit with our March 2022 top fitness picks

Spring goes, well, spring on March 20 of this year… in just a few weeks we will see green grass, flowers, intermittent showers and weather that doesn’t know if it wants to be hot or cold.

All this unpredictability, characteristic of spring? Everything goes well. We’ll fight it with slick training jackets, cold-resistant running tights, cool new bikes, and if the spring showers get too heavy, a tasty new drink from one of our favorite breweries.

Whether you’re biking, running, hiking, or swimming, there’s something here for every fitness fanatic.

Athletic Athletic Brewing Lite

Athletic Brewing Co

What do you do when you really Fancy a beer, but don’t want to ruin your workout? You take the last beer from Athletic Brewing, that’s what you do. From the makers of truly tasty non-alcoholic beers that are meant to be enjoyed post-workout, outdoors, or whenever you’re feeling good, have come up with the perfect spring drink: Athletic Lite. With a miniscule 25 calories, five carbs, and organic grains, we can personally attest that this beer is convenient for an active and tasty lifestyle, to boot.

Price: $13.99 (six pack)


Nathan Vamos Track Jacket

nathan vamos track jacket


Nathan’s new running jacket ticks all the boxes: it’s waterproof, prioritizes mobility with 4-way stretch and has no hood, it’s the perfect layering piece for spring. It has two zippered hand pockets, a chest pocket and an interior hidden mesh pocket, ideal for storing gels, snacks, keys and phone.

Price: $100


Under Armor Velociti Shoe

under armor velociti shoe

under protection

Want to go fast this spring? Well, we suggest two things: start practicing and get the right pair of kicks to support your new journey. The latest version of Under Armor increases speed and responsiveness by removing rubber from the midsole; thanks to the brand’s Flow technology, the one-piece midsole offers responsiveness and cushioning, without the weight of rubber. Additionally, the shoe connects to Under Armour’s proprietary Map My Run app, which tracks and analyzes your running metrics, helping you get the most out of your miles.

Price: $160


State Bicycle x Wu Tang Clan

state bike x clan wu tang

State Bicycle Co.

Wu-Tang Clan (and state bike) Ain’t Nuthing Ta F*ck Wit.” That pretty much says it all when it comes to the unlikely couple’s latest collab. State and Wu-Tang have collaborated on a full line of bikes, apparel and gear. accessories celebrating the band’s heritage, including State’s 6061 Black Label, Core Line and Klunker Accessories include handlebar tape, saddles and wheelset, so you can add that WuTang flair to any Much of the collection is already sold out, so get your hands on some while you still can.

Price: $14.99 – $749


Form Smart Swimming Goggles

train smart swimming goggles


A lot of things are “smart” these days – smart watches, smart dishwashers, smart glasses. When it comes to fitness gear and tech-infused everyday items, we thought we’d seen it all…until we found Form’s smart swim goggles. The goggles feature a seamless built-in display that shares metrics like swim time, distance, and pace, all in an instant. The goggles also offer guided workouts, post-swimming tools and feedback access to the community of Form swimmers who also use the smart goggles.

Price: $99 for glasses, $20/month for form membership


Tracksmith Thaw Collection Tights

tracksmith thaw collection tights


Thaw out layering with these tights from Tracksmith. These insulated beauties not only keep you snug (thanks to the double-sided fabric with a brushed backing) – they also repel mud and water, a spring must-have. The Heiq Eco-Dry finish provides PFC-free protection from the elements, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals getting on your skin or mud damaging your tights. Three strategically placed pockets complete the functionality.

Price: $178


Chargel energy gel

chargel energy gel drink


Did you like Jell-O Jigglers as a kid (or Jell-O shots in college)? Check out Chargel, which offers a concept that would be big in the US in Japan: on-the-go energy drinks/snacks with a gel-like consistency. Available in White Grape, Green Apple, and Strawberry flavors, the palm-sized packets contain a 180-calorie blend of carbohydrates and essential B vitamins with no caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup . It might not be everyone’s jam, but those drawn to the slogan “the energy drink you eat” should be pleased.

Price: $20.94 (box of six 6.35 ounce packets)


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