‘The Bachelor’ Season 26: Susie confronts Clayton about sleeping with Gabby and Rachel

'The Bachelor' Season 26: Susie confronts Clayton about sleeping with Gabby and Rachel

With the fantasy sequels finally here, Clayton must make the crucial choice of finding the woman to be his bride. With three contestants remaining, they all seem to have incredibly strong ties to him, or so fans thought.

While Gabby and Rachel embarked on fantastic sequel dates that ended in intimacy, her date with Susie ended up being a total disaster. Susie said Clayton sleeping with the other woman would be a dealbreaker. And in the end it turned out to be exactly that.


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After a hectic date, Susie and Clayton sat down to dinner together. Everything seemed to be going well until Clayton told her he was falling in love with her. Susie appreciated his confession, but mentioned she was worried he slept with Gabby and Rachel. For her, if she was made for him, Clayton sleeping with someone else would change everything. Clayton stalled but ended up telling her the truth: he had slept with Gabby and Rachel and had feelings for them. Susie seemed to pull back from the situation, and fans called her out on it, seeing that she hadn’t brought it up sooner and just thrown it out of the blue.

“While it’s awesome Susie sets boundaries, they should have been set before now especially since she ended up being the last fantasy date #TheBachelor,” one fan tweeted. “What show was Suzie thinking of signing up for? It’s CRINGYYY. Plus if they make her the bachelorette (I hope not – we already had one Hannah Brown and that’s a lot) , hope she holds herself to the same standards she holds Clayton to #BachelorNation #bachelor,” added another. “I get that Clayton is in full clown shoe mode but I will always be annoyed by applicants who act shocked that the bachelor is sleeping with someone else like haven’t you seen the show?? #Bachelor” wrote noted a fan. “I’m sorry but Susie should have said MUCH earlier that she was not okay with him sleeping with other women THERE I SAID IT #TheBachelor,” one fan tweeted. “Susie is obviously entitled to her feelings/opinions, but it’s kind of unfair that this seems like the first time he’s hearing about it. #thebachelor,” another agreed. “Listen. I don’t like Clayton but you can’t hold someone accountable for a boundary you never communicated to them. It’s not fair. #wyatr #TheBachelor,” one fan added.

However, as the conversation progressed, Clayton became defensive, saying that if Susie had conveyed those feelings soon, they wouldn’t be in this situation. For Susie, seeing that this was a dealbreaker, she couldn’t seem to move forward with the process. Clayton was upset that she was ready to throw it all away without talking about it. Fans felt Clayton was getting too aggressive, as he blamed her for not communicating his feelings to him.
“@ClaytonEchard gaslighting tf out of Susie #TheBachelor” tweeted one fan. “I totally understand Clayton being upset but I turn her around and blame her…ew #TheBachelor,” added another. “Ugh I see both sides of them but Clayton just got too aggressive #TheBachelor,” another noted.

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