Sahil Bansal, Co-Founder, Fitelo, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Sahil Bansal, Co-Founder, Fitelo, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, Editor-in-Chief, ETHealthworld, spoke with sahil Bansalco-founder, Fitelo to learn more about “the new era” in the fitness industry that has taken shape during the pandemic.

What role has the pandemic played in shaping the fitness industry?

The pandemic has made people realize that fitness and health is more than just a number on the scale and more than just a fit body. The crucial importance of a strong immune system was highlighted, and people focused on a well-balanced lifestyle, eating well and exercising. The fact that gyms and diet clinics have been closed for months has revolutionized the entire fitness industry. Due to their increased awareness, people have given up the hesitation to join fitness video consultations! Since working from home became the norm, people had less activity, but they also had time to sign up for online fitness classes. It gave people the chance to virtually try out a variety of classes, like pilates, yoga, kickboxing, that they might not have had time for if the pandemic hadn’t happened. . They have become open to trying food counseling apps. Apart from this, people have also learned to focus on emotional and mental well-being.

Challenges and opportunities that have emerged in the fitness industry
The pandemic has seen the world shut down with many people cut off from the rest of the world due to lack of internet access. This led to a marked increase in stress levels. Also, as people were home all day and had to take care of household chores, there was little dedication to exercise routines or dieting. Most people have observed an increase in their weight since indulging in snacks and having less physical exertion. However, it also saw a boom in fitness tracking devices and apps that gave people a real-time update on their health and empowered them to take control of their health. Wearable fitness devices and trackers have enabled people to accept and adapt to virtual fitness classes, consultation, and coaching that have given people access to experts regardless of location.

What is the future of the fitness industry in the age of apps?
By integrating technological advancements such as artificial intelligence tools and virtual reality settings into the fitness industry, the sector has already begun its transition to a world of fitness and healthcare that is both remote and driven by experts.

Artificial intelligence tools will allow coaches, trainers and other fitness experts to monitor, study and assist clients remotely, while virtual reality settings can give people the chance to test their new skills and fitness levels without having to physically move to different terrains and locations.

Now that the pandemic appears to be under control, the future appears to be a hybrid of the virtual and physical world. People go out for classes a few times a week and train on their own the other days of the week, connecting with their coaches via video call or sending them videos for viewing. There is definitely an increase in interest in fitness among the masses.

What makes the Fitelo app so different?
Fitelo was developed around the vision of making health and wellness part of everyone’s daily routine.
All Fitelo experts believe that fitness is more than dieting and exercising, it’s living a healthy lifestyle! And the only way to build a healthy lifestyle is to make lasting, easy-to-adopt changes to your daily routine without taking out all the things you love.
Fitelo knows that everyone has different fitness requirements and therefore offers personalized suggestions for each of its customers. Trainers make sure to keep track of their clients’ basic health metrics and stressors in their lives, to ensure they are able to adapt their suggested routines as needed.
Fitelo also offers clients a “disease management” plan, where clients can inform their trainers of any specific health issues they may have, for example, diabetes or thyroid, and Fitelo trainers will work out a holistic plan to help their body recover. An easy-to-use app, Fitelo allows its customers to access experts anytime that suits their routine, without physically meeting them. Using AI in the app with the right team of experts helps Fitelo create the best plans to meet clients’ fitness goals.