Membership for fitness, beauty, more services

Membership for fitness, beauty, more services

Want the ultimate golden ticket to spa services, haircuts, massages and more?

Instead of downloading an app for each or keeping a rolodex of numbers, ClassPass is a one stop shop for all of the above and more.

Many know the app as something for gym junkies, booking spin classes on Mondays, boxing on Wednesdays and yoga on Sundays of course. However, did you know that ClassPass has expanded to include more than gym and fitness reservations?

We didn’t, so we wanted to try the service to help us maintain our fitness and beauty regimen, adding manicures and massages to the mix of bike and barre classes.

How does Class Pass work?


Signing up is the easiest part, and there’s usually a free trial for new members ranging from 14 days to an entire month at certain times of the year. These will net you around 20 credits, to then ‘spend’ at various participating gyms, spas or other businesses – more info at ClassPass Features later.

Then simply search your location for the type of class you want to attend, using the map feature or typing in a location to see what’s offered around you and for how many credits. It’s a super fun way to experience new gyms and services you’ve never tried before, like cryotherapy treatments or infrared boxing classes.

Once you have booked your course, simply show up as you would if you had booked over the phone and the credits will be removed from your account.

ClassPass subscriptions: how much do they cost?

A GIF of a sliding scale showing different departments at ClassPass

The answer is that it varies depending on what you expect from it. The tariff structure is in number of credits, which are active for a full month of your subscription, with options for some to roll them over to the next month if you don’t use them all.

The default plan gives you 38 credits to use for the month for $79. Since many classes only cost two to three credits, this is great for those who like to book time off at gyms, after-hours classes, and most other fitness classes. From there, they offer a larger 80 credit plan for $159 per month or a 100 credit plan for $199. These are great for those who want a combination of health and wellness bookings, as these tend to use more credits per appointment, but also sell a lot more if you were to book without ClassPass.

It should also be noted that tips and extras are not included, so be sure to bring cash or a card with you when booking beauty services and tip your stylist, massage therapist , etc for their time.

Our opinion: Is it worth it?

An email from ClassPass indicating that my reservation is confirmed

Anyone who has lived in New York, or even visited the Big Apple, knows that things here can get quite expensive. I moved here from Minneapolis so the culture shock mostly hit my wallet, especially when booking nail appointments, massages and haircuts.

That’s why I decided to try ClassPass for myself, since I’m ready with my basic Planet Fitness membership for the gym, but I wanted the ability to spice up my routine every once in a while. ticking wellness tours more economically than paying full price.

Since I wanted to use both gym and wellness services this month, I opted for the higher credit package, noting that in Brooklyn and Manhattan, many services cost a little more. 80 credits made the most sense for $159, because when I did the math, it was really just the cost of a normal haircut and color in town, not including tip.

A split into three images of the ClassPass app, a hand showing a manicure on the app and a salon with a vaccine sign
Booking was incredibly easy, and after choosing the salon and making an appointment, I was pleased to find the COVID regulations in place when I arrived.
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For my first treatment (a well-deserved massage at the Chelsea body work) I was able to book it for the same day, choosing the 7pm slot after work. It is best to arrive 15 minutes early just in case, advised in the application to do so. Sure enough, when it was my turn, I was treated like any other client and brought back to get my deep tissue massage, using only 13 credits in the process. Since the service normally costs $48 without ClassPass, I felt more relaxed by the second.

The same for a manicure, a local place near me normally charges $35 for a gel manicure, when I only used 9 credits to score mine. Doing the math, on the 80 credit plan, each credit is just under $2, which makes my manicure $18 and basically half that. Also, for those with COVID concerns, be sure to check the app for their cleanliness endorsement as well as the comments section, as I was pleased to find safety measures like vaccine checks, the barricades and wearing a mask at every place I visited, just like the app said I would.

Right away, my main takeaways from using the service were positive. From the easy-to-use interactive map to find services to book, to the in-app calendar for booking (which eliminates the need to call the salon or gym directly – great for those with anxiety on the phone). Also, having one app to manage all my appointments was great for a busy person with too many subscriptions to keep track of.

The final verdict:


  • It’s very easy to discover new salons and treatments, read reviews and book all in one place.
  • The booking calendar is in the app so no need to call or find the external website.
  • Membership options vary in price, by credits, with options for rolling credits so they are not wasted.
  • When booking traditionally expensive services like haircuts and massages, this is a very affordable option.
  • TONS of options to choose from – gyms and wellness included.
  • No commitment to any gym or service, allowing you to try it once or have it become your go-to place.

The inconvenients:

  • Don’t forget to bring cash for tipping, as it’s not included in ClassPass credits (tip: check the total service cost before you go so you’re prepared!)
  • If there’s a problem with your reservation, the salon or gym will call you, not ClassPass – answer your phone if you have an upcoming reservation.
  • Not all of your credits will carry over if unused, so be sure to read the fine print on your membership level.

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