Meet Saloni Anand, an entrepreneur transforming health technology one “hair” at a time

Meet Saloni Anand, An Entrepreneur Who Is Transforming Health-Tech, One ‘Hair’ At A Time

For Saloni Anand, co-founder of Traya, healthy hair is a marker of underlying health issues. Shiny, smooth hair means the body is producing enough vitamins and nutrients, while dry, frizzy hair harbors potential hidden red flags for health. With this in mind, Saloni launched Traya with her husband Altaf Saiyed. The company has a 93% effectiveness rate in solving hair problems by offering a trinity of dermatology, nutrition, and ayurveda.

Please share details about Traya. How was he born?

Traya in Sanskrit refers to the Triple Path, which is precisely what society uses to manage hair loss, by marrying science and clinically proven results from Western medicine, Ayurveda and nutrition. Traya has documented her success with 1 lakh+ hair diagnosis and consultations over the past 18 months.

Founded by husband-wife duo Saloni and Altaf Saiyed, the start-up was born out of the couple’s personal health issues. Altaf went through a series of health issues like an out of control thyroid, hair loss and weight gain, exacerbating a busy lifestyle. They realized that Ayurveda and nutrition could help them create a preventative approach. Subsequently, they embraced a holistic lifestyle with specific dietary restrictions, medications, exercise, and Ayurvedic herbal blends that could balance Altaf’s excess pitta dosha. Three months later, he weighed five kilograms less with full hair. He also witnessed a drastic drop in his dose of thyroid medication.

What products and services are offered at Traya?

Traya offers doctor-prescribed plans for people looking to control hair loss that can be triggered by several root causes such as stress, lack of sleep, poor metabolism, and nutritional deficiencies. An Ayurvedic physician, nutritionist, and dermatologist are assigned to each case to monitor, adjust, and prescribe a holistic treatment plan, helping people manage regrowth hair loss within 5 months. The whole journey is further simplified by a hair coach, who guides people in achieving their hair growth goals.

An innovation championed by Traya that set the tone for the rest of this industry?

Traya’s innovation is her unique approach to managing hair loss by addressing the root cause – such as sleep, digestion, stress, hormonal imbalance or lack of nutrition through her 3 dermatology sciences , Ayurveda and nutrition, treating hair loss with 93% effectiveness. The end result is regrown hair with a healthier body and mind! Traya also offers a 5 month money back guarantee. Based on client data, Traya can predict treatment duration and flag incurable cases.

What is the ratio of male to female patients? We assume that your target group is mainly women?

Although 65% of Traya’s current customers are male, we have seen a large increase in female customers (35%) lately.

Are Traya products available on Amazon? What are the best products offered by Traya?

Only Traya’s individual products are available on Amazon, such as Health Tatva, Hair Ras, Hair Vitamins, ReCaP Serum, Anti-Dandruff shampoos and Scalp Oil. However, to get the most out of Traya products, we recommend investing in the entire treatment plan.

What is your projection for next year? Do you think hair health awareness and care is just a pandemic-driven fad?

Traya aims to help Indian people manage their hair health to avoid future hair transplant. At Traya, we have noticed an increase in the number of cases of hair loss triggered after falling ill with Covid-19. With greater awareness of preventative health care, people are now looking to understand the root cause of their hair loss. Of the over 1,00,000 cases we treated last year, 76% had digestive problems, 78% had dandruff, 52% were anemic, 36% had IBS, 22% had thyroid and 16 % had PCOS.