Local entrepreneur couple launch fitness app

Local entrepreneur couple launch fitness app

Ryan and Tippy Wyatt are a married couple as well as a pair of local entrepreneurs who have developed a new app called Wyatt Wellness. Ryan is a former business owner and Tippy recently sold a business. Photo contributed

published on March 7, 2022 – 13:39
Written by Frank Lopez

For entrepreneurs Tippy and Ryan Wyatt, staying on the move isn’t just a philosophy for mind and body, but also for business.

Tippy and Ryan, both longtime Central Valley residents, have each had their own business successes, independently and as a married couple.

Last month, they launched Wyatt Wellness, an online health and wellness app that focuses on eating nutritious and delicious foods, physical movement, and mental and emotional health.

With a monthly subscription, the app will provide users with personalized or preloaded workout programs, community engagement, basic meal plans, personalized meal plans, recipe video archive, guided meditations, and more. features.

The application was in development for seven months before being launched in January and already has around 20 subscribers.

Ryan, who was president of HVAC company Lee’s Air in Fresno and most recently general manager of Dustin Pest Control in Fresno, has six years of software experience.

“Software is never complete. There is always a new iteration. It’s always refinement. Just launching a usable product is hard, so throughout the whole process there were times when it was a lot harder than we thought. But it really paid off in the end,” Ryan said.

Tippy, who emigrated from Thailand with her father and sister, is an author of health and cooking books. She is also a health and lifestyle creator on her YouTube channel, Wyatt Wellness, formerly Tippy Tales. The channel has nearly 84,000 subscribers and its most popular video has over a million views.

In 2020, she sold Icona Lashes, a false eyelash company she founded in 2016.

Tippy said health and wellness has been their top priority for over a decade and they wanted to develop something that could help people achieve their health goals.

“We talked about starting some sort of meal plan program, exercise, mental health type of thing, and we wanted to deliver that in a way that wasn’t outdated,” Tippy said.

She said many programs use PDF digital documents for less fluid teaching. They wanted to provide a more interactive and convenient platform for a “one stop shop”.

They hired an app developer on an existing platform that would work for both Apple and Android products.

In addition to the recipes featured by Tippy and Ryan, there is also a Facebook-like community feature that allows followers to see other followers’ activity – workouts and diets – and allow them to interact.

Subscriptions are monthly, with three different packages – a starter package for $29.99, an enhanced package for $44.99, and the Ultimate package for $59.99.

To spread the word, Tippy and Ryan teased the app on their podcast, the Wyatt Wellness Podcast, which launched in late 2021. They also hit up other social media platforms.

Currently they are going through a testing phase to see what subscribers like or dislike. They will rely on more organic growth and word of mouth before investing in advertising.

Parents of a one-year-old, Tippy and Ryan ran the new business while raising a newborn. This made the development of the application much more difficult.

But even then, Tippy said there was no stopping it. Hopes are that the app will grow and help people improve and maintain their health.

“It’s never the best time to do anything, ever. You do it and you understand it. And you refine it as you go,” Tippy said.