‘[It] it’s none of his business’

'[It] it's none of his business'

A woman argues with her sister over their sleeping arrangements with their husbands.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)» forum to weigh. His sister and the sister’s husband sleep in separate bedrooms. Meanwhile, the poster and her hubby love sharing a bed together. His sister, however, seems to think that marriage is doomed if the poster does not sleep apart from her husband.

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“My sister and her husband were married for 15 years”, she noted. “My sister is actually 10 years older than me (I’m 29 and she’s 39). Since the beginning of their cohabitation, they slept in separate beds and later [in] separate bedrooms too. My parents and my sister’s in-laws have always been critical of their sleep. My sister and her husband get a lot of shady remarks about not really liking each other if their arrangement is like this.

“Many times over the years I have told people to mind their own business and let the couple decide for themselves what is best for them. My husband and I have been together for seven years and We just got married. Our first years as a couple were long distance, and once we moved in together, sleeping together was one of our favorite activities. And to this day, it still is. “

Despite the poster defending her sister from judgment for years, the sister seems to have become critical herself.

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“The last few times my sister visited my house she made remarks about ‘how come we still haven’t made a separate bedroom for one of us to sleep in,'” the Reddit attach Explain. “I explained several times that my husband and I couldn’t sleep apart, and we love sleeping together. She then said passive-aggressively, ‘OK, sure, but not saying I don’t. didn’t warn you,” implying that my husband and I aren’t happy or healthy because we don’t sleep apart.

“Being hurt by her constant judgment, I told her that my sleeping arrangement with my husband was none of her business. And she is actually terrible for always trying to imply the worst for me and my husband, when I I was the only one to support her against her in-laws and our parents when they judged her.

Editors thought the sister was irrelevant.

“It’s none of her business what you do in your marriage,” one user said. noted.

“You stood up for her for YEARS when the family did exactly that to her, and now she’s trying this on you? Not cool,” another commented.

“You respected your sister’s situation. She didn’t respect yours”, someone wrote.

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