Game Pass games you slept on – but why?

Game Pass games you slept on - but why?

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Xbox Game Pass has such a great collection of games, ranging from big AAA hits to smaller indie darlings. It’s no surprise, however, that no one can physically play all the released games. It’s way too much time, and until we add that 25th hour and 8th day to our weeks, we all have to keep choosing how to use our time wisely. If you’re looking for recommendations on what to play next, what about some stellar games that have flown under everyone’s radar? Here are 3 games on Xbox Game Pass that need to be talked about more because they’re just plain good.

The forgotten city

Timeloop games were THE THING in 2021. We have 12 minutes, death loopand Return, all of whom used the Groundhog Day style in their own way. There’s one though that I thought does time loops better than the others, and that’s The Forgotten City. Developed by Modern Storyteller, The forgotten city actually started out as a mod for Skyrim. With its expansion, Modern Storyteller decided to turn it into its own game. The forgotten cityyou play as a modern person who finds themselves in a bustling Greco-Roman city full of other people who feel out of place.

Roman rulers, Greek scholars and many more all live there and are told to follow one thing, “The Golden Rule”. Anyone who breaks this rule brings all golden statues to life and turns all others to gold. The thing is, no one really knows what falls under the Golden Rule. Is it murder, is it theft, is it an insult? When you arrive, you are given a task: find the person who is about to break the golden rule and stop them. And so begins a fantastic mysterious adventure about what is happening here. I could talk about this game all day, but saying more quickly trespasses into spoiler territory because there are so many twists! If you want a game that really makes you think, go play The forgotten city right now.


Unpacking is sweeping the awards left and right this season and for good reason. It’s a great game! Developed by Witch Beam, Unpacking is about a zen game that you can get. It specifically scratches that itch to clean a room (and is a great distraction from cleaning your own house, too). It’s a simple game where you unpack someone’s life in different years in their new place. For a game that requires precision, just to put away that pair of underwear fair right, it works surprisingly well on the controller.

There’s no timer, there’s no pressure, it’s just you and boxes. What I liked the most Unpacking this is how he indirectly tells a story of growth, love, heartache and self-discovery. That’s a lot to unbox in a game about unboxing (pun absolutely intended). But, Witch Beam succeeds very well. Noticing little things like what meets the criteria for completion, things that are slowly missing or slowly being carried over breaks down that person’s life. It’s not too long either and it’s great to play with someone else.

The pedestrian

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I’m a big fan of puzzle games (if it’s not clear by the hidden thread between all the games listed so far). The one that really took me by surprise last year, even though it came out in 2017, was The pedestrian. Developed by Skookum Arts, The pedestrian has you controlling one of these pedestrian figures on the panels. With little instructions, you start moving signs and solving puzzles on how to get that pedestrian from sign to sign.

It’s a fun little puzzle game that can easily fill an afternoon. The puzzles never get too difficult and the variations keep you on your toes. Plus, it’s one of those games that’s all about puzzles. There is a very light overall story that you don’t have to pay too much attention to while enjoying the game. Unpacking, Highly recommend it for a fun weekend game when you’re just looking for something light to play.

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