FEV Tutor Releases Test Prep Support Guide


FEV Tutor Publishes Exam Help Guide

According to the National Student Support Accelerator, supplementing classroom instruction with high-impact tutoring produces substantial learning gains. Those high learning gains are one of many factors that make high-impact tutoring an excellent option for boosting students’ performance on high-stakes tests. To help educators provide their students with the best test preparation support, FEV Tutor has released a free new guide, Activating Effective Test Prep with High-Impact Tutoring: Best Practices for Implementation.

“Evidence shows learning acceleration, rather than remediation, is the effective way to address unfinished learning,” said Ryan Patenaude, Sr. Vice President and Co-Founder of FEV Tutor. “When high-impact tutoring is implemented with fidelity and data is driving instruction for each student, educators can expect improved academic outcomes.”

To support the claims of high-dosage tutoring’s efficacy, Activating Effective Test Prep with High-Impact Tutor references findings from a review of more than 200 studies. In addition, it discusses the factors that make high-impact tutoring effective and the various ways that tutors can help prepare students for high-stakes testing, such as developing test-taking strategies.

The guide also explains that tutoring programs are optimized when they integrate three models:

  • Targeted instructional support with consistent tutors
  • 24/7 homework help and coursework support
  • Targeted test prep

In addition, the guide discusses best practices for implementation. Patenaude said, “We’ve found that there are four primary reasons that tutoring implementations fail: inadequate goal setting, inflexible implementation, a lack of ongoing training opportunities, and failure to monitor implementation. This guide shares practices that enable educators to avoid those pitfalls.”

Readers will also learn about FEV Tutor’s implementation process, including its focus on collaborating with districts and the key principles that ensure the company’s tutoring program will be implemented successfully. “Even the information we share about our own program can be applied when evaluating other tutoring programs,” said Patenaude. “All the principles and best practices we share in this guide are dedicated to setting students on an accelerated path to grade-level proficiency. That’s our mission at FEV Tutor.”

Activating Effective Test Prep with High-Impact Tutoring: Best Practices for Implementation is available for download.

About FEV Tutor

Based in Boston, FEV Tutor is the leading research and evidence-based online tutoring platform working nationally to effect change in K-12 education. Its ESSA-approved programs are strategically designed in close collaboration with each partner school, district, charter school, and other organizations to accelerate learning for every student. FEV Tutor leverages technology to deliver 1:1 high-impact and transformative personalized learning pathways through live, virtual tutoring sessions. For more information on FEV Tutor, visit the website or follow on Twitter.

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