Diet and thyroid function, molecular tests for cancer and more

neck thyroid

January 03, 2022

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The Healio and Endocrine Today the editors have compiled the most popular thyroid news stories from 2021.

Readers were most interested in foods associated with better thyroid function, molecular testing as predictors of thyroid cancer, the association between lower thyroid hormones and cognitive decline, and more.

neck thyroid

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Foods High in Protein and Saturated Fat Linked to Better Thyroid Function

In a cross-sectional study published in Nutrition, adults who ate large amounts of bacon and sausage had higher T 3 and T 4 levels. Eating more fish, white bread, fruit juice, Cedevita vitamin drinks and soft drinks, and powdered soup was also associated with higher levels of free T 4 . Read more

Molecular tests most accurately predict thyroid cancer

In a post hoc analysis published in Thyroid, researchers found that molecular testing was the strongest predictor of malignancy in indeterminate thyroid nodules, outperforming American Thyroid Association and American College of Radiology Imaging Reporting scoring systems. and Data System. Read more

Decreased TSH Linked to Decline in Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults

According to a study published in Thyroid. The researchers also found that lower TSH was associated with lower levels of free thyroxine and free triiodothyronine. Read more

Abnormal free T4 associated with decreased cerebral perfusion in adults

Data presented at the American Thyroid Association’s virtual meeting in October revealed that high and low levels of free T 4 were associated with lower overall cerebral perfusion, potentially increasing the risk of brain diseases such as dementia. Read more

Decreased BMD seen in postmenopausal and non-premenopausal women on TSH suppression

In a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, postmenopausal women with differentiated thyroid cancer or on thyroid-stimulating hormone therapy had lower bone mineral density in the lumbar spine compared to healthy controls. However, premenopausal women with differentiated thyroid cancer had higher BMD than the control group. Read more

Thyroid eye disease requires joint management with ophthalmologists

The American Thyroid Association and the European Thyroid Association are currently developing a joint consensus statement regarding the diagnosis and management of thyroid eye disease, which is expected to be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Read more

Increased Molecular Testing Accelerates Accurate Thyroid Nodule Management and Cancer Care

Management of indeterminate thyroid nodules has expanded from repeat FNA biopsy or diagnostic surgery to include molecular tests that measure genomic changes in tissue samples taken from the thyroid. These tests are part of an effort to improve preoperative risk assessment and reduce unnecessary surgeries, which carry their own risks. Read more