Beware of Misinformation Surrounding Thyroid Health

A doctor checks a pregnant woman's neck for possible thyroid disease.

As one of the major glands that controls cellular function, the thyroid can take credit for helping with much of the inner workings of the human body. However, it’s also an easy, and often wrong, place to blame when something goes wrong.

“There is so much misinformation about thyroid disease that it’s hard to know where to start,” said Dr. Monica Moreno, an endocrinologist for Intermountain Medical Group and sees patients at the Intermountain St. George.

While the three main thyroid-related problems – hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules – are very real and may require medical attention, Dr. Moreno said it’s important for patients to consider it there may be other underlying causes contributing to things like fatigue and weight fluctuations. .