All of Ukraine hasn’t slept since

All of Ukraine hasn't slept since

In a video address to the British Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the chronology of the war, unleashed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which has lasted for thirteen days.

According to Zelenskyon the first day, at 4 a.m., Ukraine was attacked by Russian cruise missiles.

“Everyone woke up. We children – everyone, all of Ukraine has not slept since then. We all fought for our country with our great army,” Zelensky emphasized.

On the second day, the Ukrainians repelled Russian air, land and sea attacks.

“Our heroic border guards on the island of Zmiinyi in the Black Sea told everyone how the war would end, where the enemy should finally go. When the Russian warship demanded that our servicemen drop arms, they responded so firmly that I can’t repeat it in parliament. And we felt the strength, the great strength of our people, who will oppose the occupier to the end,” Zelensky noted.

On the third day, the Russian army launched artillery and airstrikes on civilians and residential houses, and the world finally got to see which of us are great people and which are simply beasts.

On the fourth day, the Ukrainian army began to capture dozens of Russian soldiers, but did not lose their dignity and tortured them.

“We treat them as people, because we remained human on the fourth day of this shameful war,” Zelensky said.

On the fifth day, the terror against Ukraine became pure and simple. The enemy bombed towns and villages. According to Zelensky, it is a genocide, which did not break us. He mobilized Ukrainians and gave them a sense of great truth.

On the sixth day, Russian missiles hit Babyn Yar. This is where the Nazis executed 100,000 people during World War II.

“80 years later, Russia killed them for the second time,” Zelensky pointed out.

On the seventh day, it became apparent that the Russians were even destroying the churches. Therefore, they do not know the holy and the great, unlike the Ukrainians.

On the eighth day, the world saw Russian tanks firing at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The largest nuclear power plant in Europe. “And the world began to understand that it was terror against everyone. This is great terror,” Zelensky noted.

On the ninth day, Ukrainians listened to a meeting of NATO countries. Without the desired outcome for them. Without courage. “That’s what we felt – I don’t want to offend anyone – we felt that alliances don’t work. They can’t even close the skies. That’s why security guarantees in Europe have to be built from zero,” Zelensky pointed out.

On the tenth day, unarmed Ukrainians demonstrate everywhere in the occupied cities. Stop armored vehicles with bare hands. “We became unbreakable,” noted Zelensky.

On the eleventh day, when residential areas were already bombed, everything was destroyed by explosions, children were evacuated from a damaged children’s oncology hospital… Ukrainians understood: they became heroes. Hundreds of thousands of people. Whole towns. Children, adults – all.

On the twelfth day, when the losses of the Russian army exceeded 10,000 killed, the general was also included in this number.

“And that gave us confidence: for all crimes, for all shameful orders, there will always be accountability before the International Court or Ukrainian weapons,” Zelensky said.

On the thirteenth day, a child died in Mariupol under Russian occupation. Died of dehydration.

“They don’t allow people food or water. They just blocked it – and people are in the basements. I think everyone hears: people don’t have water there! Zelensky pointed out.

Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine