All About Four Fitness – A MicroGym in Jersey City

All About Four Fitness – A MicroGym in Jersey City

Four Fitness Jersey City prides itself on having a diverse group of male and female trainers at its Jersey City gymnasium. Trainers create a sense of community in the gym, where functional training and low-impact routines are the stars. But a bonus at Four Fitness is the garage door. True, it’s something of a rarity in the Hudson County gym scene, but Four Fitness has a garage door that opens during its workouts. It is perfect for those looking for fresh air during a workout. Keep reading to learn more about this unique Jersey City spot to incorporate into your workout routine.

The background

Marcisco Morrison, the owner of Four Fitness, was born in Jamaica but has lived in Jersey City since 1999. Marcisco graduated from NJCU, where he played DIII college basketball. Prior to founding Four Fitness in 2014, Marcisco worked in the corporate world. For over 13 years, he also worked as a trainer and fitness manager at the New York Sports Club and Ballys Total Fitness.

“My leadership abilities inspired me to open Four Fitness,” Morrison said of beginning his journey to open the JC business in 2014. “I felt the need to simplify exercise programs for busy professionals.”

About name + space

Four Fitness Jersey City

Four Fitness JC refers to the four major muscle groups. The 4 major muscle groups (4MMG) include the legs, core, back and chest. “This system that we use to simplify and speed up an exercise program for individuals,” Morrison explained of the gym’s goal.

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Through one-on-one fitness coaching and limited gym appointments, Four Fitness specializes in functional training and low-impact routines. The 4MMG system allows its customers to burn maximum calories in a timely manner (which is what we always strive for, to be honest).

“Our most popular plans are 8 sessions or 12 sessions per month,” Morrison mentioned of the current offerings. The personalized program will improve mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular/muscular endurance, which will increase your overall health and confidence.

If you’re tempted to try Four Fitness, book a free session to see if the training staff is right for you.

Four Fitness Jersey City

The impacts of COVID-19

Four Fitness is committed to being a safe environment for its customers and staff with appropriate precautions.

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“COVID-19 has affected us like any other small business,” Morrison said, but those who visit Four Fitness in Jersey City feel safe thanks to the open door concept. “People feel safer and more comfortable than your average chain gym.”

The future of Four Fitness

Four Fitness Jersey City

At Four Fitness, the motto is to create a fitness lifestyle for its members and provide them with a responsible partner for life. While Yelp has rated this Jersey City gem #1 for fitness coaching services since 2015, we have high expectations for Marcisco and the diverse group of trainers at Four Fitness.

Contact the gym to set up a free workout and keep up with the latest offers from Four Fitness on instagram.

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